Survey on biodiversity skills for sustainable business

Blue poster with white text and logos, illustrations of fish and seaweed
Calling all Irish businesses! Irish and European policy is moving us all toward nature-positive business models and we want to make sure Irish businesses have all the support they need to comply. This 4-minute survey will help you to identify the skills, knowledge and competencies that may not yet be represented in your business. 

The results of the survey will allow us to make recommendations to the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit and other relevant entities to ensure the creation of robust interdisciplinary training and educational options to help businesses meet new nature-related reporting responsibilities and accelerate Ireland’s transition to a nature-positive economy.

In partnership with Trinity College Dublin and supported by National Parks and Wildlife Service, this skills gap survey will support of Ireland’s National Biodiversity Action Plan (NBAP) 2023-2030.

Please take the survey here – SURVEY LINK