Creating a Nature Positive Economy for Ireland

Business for Biodiversity Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation helping Irish businesses transition towards a nature positive way of working

It is estimated that approximately $44 trillion of economic value is at moderate or severe risk due to nature loss1

Ireland’s natural habitats are severely degraded, and this continued loss of biodiversity represents a significant risk to Irish businesses and our local communities.

Biodiversity loss is a critical issue for companies of all sizes and across all sectors, at every stage of their operations and their value chain.

Our Multi-Sector Community of Practice Partners

In January 2023, the Platform embarked on a 12-month pilot with six pioneering Irish businesses, to help them get started on their journey to nature positive.

There is no future for Business as Usual

Our Strategy: The Four Themes of the Platform


The Platform aims to help businesses to assess their impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and to incorporate this information into operational and strategic plans to ensure businesses operate within planetary boundaries.

We will support businesses to better understand risks and opportunities linked to the loss of nature for their businesses and to strengthen their business models and resilience to future shocks.

The Platform will encourage businesses to be transparent, disclose and report on biodiversity-related activities, whilst minimising the risk of greenwashing.

Collaborating & mentoring

The Platform will run communities of practice to facilitate peer learning and experience sharing. The Platform will run multi-sector and sector specific communities to help initiate the transition towards nature positive through collective problem-solving and innovation.

We will partner with other EU national platforms, initiatives and organisations to create a network of expertise that will benefit the Platform and its membership.

We will endeavour to provide opportunities for our members to collaborate with communities, environmental organisations and academia on biodiversity-relevant projects.


The Platform will leverage the voice of business to influence the creation of an enabling policy environment in Ireland and the EU. The Platform will also facilitate the inclusive collaborative creation of sectoral best practice guidelines aligned with the best available science, legislation and prevailing frameworks.

Actions & impact

The Platform help business identify what strategies can be employed to help mitigate nature-related risks, maximise opportunities and integrate nature into their decision making.

We will also help identify how businesses can improve their positive impacts and reduce their negative impacts on nature.

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