Creating a Nature Positive Economy for Ireland

Business for Biodiversity Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation helping Irish businesses transition towards a nature positive way of working

It is estimated that approximately $44 trillion of economic value is at moderate or severe risk due to nature loss1

Ireland’s natural habitats are severely degraded, and this continued loss of biodiversity represents a significant risk to Irish businesses and our local communities.

Biodiversity loss is a critical issue for companies of all sizes and across all sectors, at every stage of their operations and their value chain.

There is no future for Business as Usual

The four themes of the platform


Through the provision of educational webinars, the platform will endeavour to increase business community understanding of the human dependence on biodiversity and the implications of biodiversity loss for our communities.

Networking & mentoring

The platform will provide an accessible and searchable membership database to enable similar businesses to connect and share experiences on biodiversity actions. Collaboration will also be facilitated through the hosting of dedicated workshops.


The platform will host all policies relating to biodiversity in Ireland and update members on relevant amendments. Businesses will be encouraged to inform the creation of policies and sectoral best practice guidelines.

Actions & impact

The platform will pay significant attention to identifying nature-based solutions and a “Payment for Ecosystem Services” scheme that will address both climate change and biodiversity loss. It will focus on developing and leveraging existing biodiversity related KPIs.

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