(Members of the European Parliament)

  • Businesses and investors require clarity on the long-term policy signals to enable
    substantial investments in the transition to a truly sustainable and resilient economy.
    These policy signals must also support the EU’s nature and climate ambitions and their
    alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement and CBD COP15 Kunming-Montreal
    Agreement on biodiversity, in order to create a level playing field for global companies.
  • The pace of nature loss globally and in Europe has become extremely damaging for the
    sustainability and resilience of our economy and the risks are increasing. This is adding
    stress on businesses and our economies which are already threatened by the increasing
    impacted by climate change, especially for sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, food
    processing, water supply, renewable energy and construction. In addition, extreme
    weather conditions continue to impact productivity and increase operational costs.
  • Businesses across the EU understand the enormous risks from the twin climate and
    nature crises. To date, over 2000 companies in the EU have committed to or have
    already set science-based climate targets (SBTs), and they are collaborating closely with
    the Science Based Targets Network to develop science- based nature targets. Currently,
    more than 1,400 companies with revenues of over US$ 5 trillion have supported the
    Business for Nature’s call on governments to adopt sound policies without delay to
    reverse nature loss in this decade.
  • Nature restoration would support resilient business in Europe. Much of core businesses
    in the food, construction, extraction and energy sectors fundamentally depend upon
    healthy ecosystems and the services they provide. Continued degradation of nature
    threatens our businesses through unforeseen and often unmanageable disruptions in
    our supply chains, while extreme weather conditions continue to impact our productivity.
    Foreseeable risks from floods and droughts threaten European businesses and society
    at large.
  • Strong measures on protecting nature now can help avoid the threat of ecosystem
    collapse in the future. Restoring nature is necessary and unavoidable in safeguarding
    European businesses. Strong Nature restoration targets can help deliver a more
    equitable, just and sustainable environment for European businesses to flourish.
    Business welcomes ambitious measures to ensure resilience of our operations, supply
    chains and productivity through strong nature restoration targets.
  • Business relies on healthy ecosystems to fuel prosperity in Europe. Nature restoration
    can provide a range of economic opportunities, provide high quality jobs, and growth of
    new sectors that can deepen economic cooperation. A robust nature restoration law can
    provide businesses with opportunities to create new solutions to address climate, food
    security and other fundamental issues important to European society while contributing
    to shared prosperity in Europe.
  • The legal proposal for a Nature Restoration Law is an important opportunity to fill the gap
    in the European Green Deal and align the EU’s nature ambitions with its climate
  • Nature restoration would play a key role in Europe’s climate adaptation as it will increase
    our resilience to droughts, floods and other extreme weather events. The European
    Commission’s impact assessment concludes that investing in nature restoration adds
    between €8 to €38 in economic value for each €1 spent. Nature restoration would
    contribute to the economy through bringing socio-economic benefits such as sustainable
    jobs, recreation opportunities, and broader human health benefits.
  • Businesses are increasingly aware that in order to support the transition to a resilient
    net-zero economy, they should invest both in mitigation and adaptation, as well as
    making sure that ecosystems turn from a carbon source to a carbon sink while securing
    an equitable, nature-positive future. In this regard, leading companies are ready to play
    their part in harnessing natural climate solutions to cut emissions while also benefiting
    nature by building resilient and biodiverse ecosystems for generations to come.