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The business ecosystem

The natural world is full of synergistic relationships – relationships that provide mutual benefits and opportunities. These relationships are part of a larger interconnected system, which is optimised, successful and thrives within the boundaries of its own sphere of existence. If something within that system changes, adaptation and evolution results. Failure to adapt often spells […]


What is a Nature Positive Business?

Many of us have heard this term “nature positive” used in the context of business and biodiversity, but what does it actually mean? “Nature positive” as a term is being worked on by the Nature Positive Initiative and you can read their latest definition here…essentially its a global societal goal defined as ‘Halt and reverse […]

How does my business depend on nature?

How does my business depend on nature? This is a question increasingly being asked of business in recent years, but for some sectors, it can be a tricky one to answer. Businesses do not operate outside of the boundaries of nature and ecosystems. We rely heavily on the stocks and services that nature provides. So […]